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Shantae and Shovel Knight were about to duke it out in an intense rivalry battle! Then suddenly, Sonic!
That was an awesome Christmas! I got Shantae Half Genie Hero!!! As well as Undertale! Also, Galaxytrails had released gameplay footage of Lilac in the upcoming Freedom Planet 2! As well as announcing a public demo scheduled to be released at the end of January!!! A great Christmas indeed to be a Shantae and Freedom Planet fan!
Bit of late news, but SHANTAE HALF GENIE HERO IS OUT NOW!!!!! EEEEE!!!! :iconshantaedanceplz: Shantae icon Foxy's Booty Dance (Chat Icon) Do-it chat icon  But I'm planning to get the game for Christmas though, It will be my pleasure to share my final thoughts of the game!Medic Really Likes What He Sees XD (Chat Icon) But I've waited so long for this!!! :D
Hey guys! Did you miss me! Good news! I got a new laptop! A nifty Windows 10 2-in-1 with amazing hardware! So that means the project is back to development at full steam! But first I got some character updates! This will feature 3 new characters and 2 updated characters!

So without further ado, here comes the update!!!

Mugen003 by JTDaddy17
"Who are you?"
"*eats hat* Lunch!"
That's right! Fillia! The main character of Skullgirls joins the fray! And with her mouthy, arrogant parasite hair buddy, Samson, the two make a rather... unfortunate team... hmm... oh well, at least they came up with some pretty cool moves to dish out pain to their opponents!

Mugen008 by JTDaddy17
"Big Boot!"
And rather spiky too!

Mugen011 by JTDaddy17
Looking fab! But I gotta get over the fact that that's not her hair, but a snarky parasite with a gruff voice...

Mugen012 by JTDaddy17
How can you take that seriously while in combat?

Mugen013 by JTDaddy17
Samson: "Ugh, tastes like garlic..."

Mugen014 by JTDaddy17
Samson: *HACK* "Boy, talk about a hairball, I don't remember eating that!"
If you get hit by that attack there! You'll be in a world of pain!

Mugen017 by JTDaddy17
Fillia: So? Tell me about yourself?
Samson: I say this conversation is going nowhere...

There's 3 variations of that attack, one where the hair drill is closer to Fillia, one where it's a little further, and one where it goes across 2/3rds of the stage (as shown in this screenshot)!

Mugen020 by JTDaddy17
Samson: The best way to tenderize meat is to SQUEEZE THE LIFE OUTTA THEM!
Fillia: When you said get close to your enemy Samson, I NEVER expected to be THIS close!

Mugen024 by JTDaddy17
Samson: Time for some FOOD!!!

Looks as if this could get ugly! Let's move on to the next character! As for Wario... eh, he'll be fine...

Now let's talk about an updated character!

Mugen029 by JTDaddy17

Pikachu gets a facelift!!!
And a pretty damn good facelift too! Not only he's sporting updated sprites, but he also sports moves from the Smash Bros. series as well as Pokken Tournament! That makes this adorable mouse Pokémon into a total badass!

Mugen030 by JTDaddy17
Pikachu can use moves like Skull Bash, which you can control it's angle of launch before launching!

Mugen035 by JTDaddy17
Quick attack can be used twice like in Smash Bros. Not only of means of recovery, but also can throw your opponents of guard!

Mugen037 by JTDaddy17
Thunder Jolt like in Smash Bros. let's Pikachu shoot a small electric ball that bounces across the stage!

Mugen041 by JTDaddy17
Saying Pikachu has a moveset that is a combination of both Smash Bros. and Pokken Tournament, Pikachu as several Final Smashes, but of course one of them is Volt Tackle! However, you can't control it, but it zooms across the whole screen in a erratic pattern that makes this move act like a screen nuke!

Now back to the new characters, and just a heads up, they're all Pokémon characters, it's Pokémon from here on in ladies and gents!

Mugen001 by JTDaddy17
Charizard enter the battlefield once again!

Sporting his moveset from Super Smash Bros. For Wii U and 3DS, as well as a few extras!

Mugen002 by JTDaddy17
Charzard can jump up to 3 times thanks to his wings!

Mugen003 by JTDaddy17
His normal walking speed matches that of the speed of a tank, this makes him the slowest walking character in the roster, making Pac-Man #2!

Mugen004 by JTDaddy17
But his "running" speed makes up for it as he picks up tremendous speed by gliding across the stage!

Mugen005 by JTDaddy17
Like in Smash 4, Charizard can use Fire Blast! He shoots a huge fireball!

Mugen006 by JTDaddy17
Then explodes to flaming glory when the opponent makes contact with it!

Mugen008 by JTDaddy17
Charizard used Flare Blitz!

Mugen010 by JTDaddy17
Charizard starts barreling towards his opponent like a firery train and rams into his opponent with tremendous force!

Mugen007 by JTDaddy17
Like so...

Mugen012 by JTDaddy17
However, it causes damage to Charizard too after a successful hit! So use it wisely otherwise you might be KO'ed by your own attack!

Mugen013 by JTDaddy17
Little did you know, behind the scenes, Pokémon Trainer is there to support Charizard! You can summon Ivysaur to use one of 3 moves, here's Ivysaur using Razor Leaf, he shoots 2 leaves that behave like boomerangs.

Mugen016 by JTDaddy17
Another move Ivysaur can use is Leech Seed, Ivysaur shoots a seed at the opponent...

Mugen019 by JTDaddy17
When contacted, the opponent will be immobilized and will slowly loose their health! (No Charizard does not get health from this attack, Ivysaur used it not Charizard! Come on! That'll be ridiculous right?)

Mugen023 by JTDaddy17
And lastly, Ivysaur can use Sunny Day! Ivysaur will shoot a glowing ball of light towards the sky...

Mugen024 by JTDaddy17
Then a ray of sunlight will beam down on Charizard, and saying he's a fire type, this move will increase his fire-based attacks!

Now the 2nd Pokémon assist Charizard can summon via Pokémon Trainer is Squirtle!
Mugen029 by JTDaddy17
Like Ivysaur, Squirtle also has 3 moves he can use!

Mugen030 by JTDaddy17
Learning the ways of the Koopa Troopas, Squirtle can hide in its shell and will start spinning towards the player knocking them off their feet! The 2nd move is the same thing, but this time he jumps at the opponent while shell spinning!

Mugen031 by JTDaddy17
As for Squirtle's 3rd move is rather quite a doozy, he uses Mega Punch! Squirtle charges up the punch...

Mugen032 by JTDaddy17
POW!!! Right in the kisser!

And last but not least, Charizard's Final Smash!Mugen033 by JTDaddy17

Mugen034 by JTDaddy17
"It was at that moment, Ganondorf knew, he f**cked up..."
Mega Charizard X will charge at his opponent as soon as he's done transforming, and when contact is made...

Mugen036 by JTDaddy17
Things get painful!!!

Now for another new character! And this one's... yet another Pokémon Character! Can't have too much Pokémon today! Especially everyone with their Pokémon Gos and whatnot...

Mugen037 by JTDaddy17
Greninja reveals he's not Mewtwo again! (Ok, ok, don't worry guys, Mewtwo IS in the roster)

Ah poor Greninja, from people getting disappointed that they thought he was Mewtwo as well as Sakurai nerfing the living crap out of this poor frog... but in this game, he's actually pretty well balanced, so don't expect any nerfs for ninja frog! I'm no Sakurai ladies and gents lol!

Greninja's moveset is very close to Smash 4's but has a few added moves but other than that, most of them are from Smash Bros.

Mugen040 by JTDaddy17
He can fire Water Stars at his opponents from various sizes from small...

Mugen042 by JTDaddy17
to large...

Mugen043 by JTDaddy17

Mugen052 by JTDaddy17
Substitute is a great counter move Greninja can use against his foes, when timing just right when your opponent attacks you when using Substitute...

Mugen045 by JTDaddy17
"Wait... that was a toy!?"

Mugen046 by JTDaddy17
"Surprise mothaf**ker!"
That's all she wrote... when perfecting this move, you get all the satisfaction of tricking your opponent! It even works on Bosses too!

Mugen075 by JTDaddy17
And how about Greninja's flashy Final Smash from Smash 4? It's here too! Titled "Secret Ninja Attack"! Greninja will kick a board from the floor launching his opponent upwards to a moonlit sky where silhouettes of Greninja slashing his opponent to shreds!

Mugen078 by JTDaddy17
Ending it with one final slam plummeting his opponent down to earth!

Mugen077 by JTDaddy17

Finally last but not least, a character who is in the roster who has received a HUGE update! And I did promise that I will update on you guys of this character as soon as she was completed since this past February...

And she has!!!
Mugen009 by JTDaddy17
Squigly FINALLY becomes 100% complete!

That's right ladies and gents! Probably the most graceful zombie in gaming history along with her gentlemen of a parasite-dragon-snake partner, Leviathan, are jumping into my game 100% complete according to the creator of this fighter! Sporting all her moves in the original Skullgirls game and she's definatley a combo racking character along side with Shantae, Lilac, Sonic, Pac-Man, Pikachu (the updated one you saw earlier lol), Meta Knight, Filia, and Raiden!

And if you don't believe in graceful (yet adorable) zombies because you watch too much Walking Dead or some crap like that, well, have a look for yourself!
Mugen002 by JTDaddy17
Leviathan: Shall we dance m'lady?
Squigly: Certainly!

She now sports more basic attacks now compared than what she had before!

Mugen003 by JTDaddy17

Mugen004 by JTDaddy17

Mugen020 by JTDaddy17

Mugen019 by JTDaddy17

Mugen046 by JTDaddy17
Leviathan: *Dog snarls*

Squigly: NO, NO, NO! Bad Leviathan!

But when there's more basic attacks, there's also Final Smashes!

Mugen005 by JTDaddy17
Squigly: Pardon me!

Mugen006 by JTDaddy17
Leviathan: We hardly knew thee!

Mugen007 by JTDaddy17
Levaithan: Here lies YOU!

Mugen008 by JTDaddy17
Squgily: Just like how I got up from my slumber huh Leviathan?
Leviathan: Quite an unpleasant experience indeed... but let's see how our foes like it?

Quite odd to see your opponents get buried alive and then fall from the sky in a closed casket, but it does wonders of dishing out pain to your opponents!

And when I introduced her into my game earlier, I also mentioned about her being in a family of opera singers too! She was quite the celebrity too before her afterlife, but even as an undead zombie, she still has that voice of gold! Which can be used as lethal weapons too!

Mugen009 by JTDaddy17
Squigly and Leviathan: 🎵Ahh~🎵

Her singing has two variations, one is a Final Smash and one is a Special Smash.

In her Final Smash, a ghastly looking singing note will slowly move across the screen.
Mugen010 by JTDaddy17
You can sing the note either straight forward, straight upward, or diagonally. You can almost hear her voice echoing as the note drifts away!

Mugen040 by JTDaddy17
The 2nd singing attack lures Squigly's opponents to her much like a magnet! You can use this move if you want to help your ally if they're being ganged up by your opponents as well as to throw your foes off guard and use their confusion to your advantage!

Squigly and Leviathan have some nice team up tactic moves as well, unlike Filia and Sampson, Squigly and Leviathan work together in perfect harmony with some of their attacks! Saying Leviathan is like a father figure to poor little Squigly saying that she and her family were brutally murdered!

Mugen042 by JTDaddy17
"COME HERE!" "GET OVER HERE!" Ok, ok enough with the Mortal Kombat jokes! (Too bad none of them say something like that here... what a missed opportunity...) So yeah, Leviathan stretches and grabs the opponent...

Mugen043 by JTDaddy17
Then Squigly gives 'em a nasty shove! Quite basic, how about a more unique one?

Mugen026 by JTDaddy17
While in midair, you can act like a shovel of doom!

Mugen030 by JTDaddy17
Apon contact you stun your opponent, and then...

Mugen031 by JTDaddy17
Squigly: GRAVE...

Mugen035 by JTDaddy17
Squigly: DIGGER!
How about getting a nasty uppercut from a shovel? Though a fist was painful enough?

Speaking of uppercuts...
Mugen047 by JTDaddy17
Leviathan: Hush your mouth man! You're going to get us sued!
What? I already have Ryu and Ken in the game!
Leviathan: ... so it seems...

Alrighty then let me show you two more moves she has and they're both Final Smashes!
Mugen050 by JTDaddy17
Squigly starts remembering that she's a zombie now and starts tapping into her horror vibes! #2spooky4me 

Mugen051 by JTDaddy17
"COME HERE!" Ok, ok, I already did this joke! Ruined the moment... sorry...

Mugen054 by JTDaddy17
Then Leviathan will get up close and personal to the opponent and will breathe fire right at their face! Owie...

Mugen055 by JTDaddy17
Leviathan: ... pitiful...

And finally this attack! And it HURTS!!!Mugen036 by JTDaddy17
Leviathan: And now!
Squigly: The GRAND FINALE!!!

Mugen037 by JTDaddy17
Leviathan gets ripped and grows arms! #doyouevenlift (either that or he overdoses in steroids before the attack (but he's a gentlemen, gentlemen don't take drugs!)) But not only that he fires a giant energy ball of doom at you that you can control it's direction to make your foes suffer a huge amount of damage! And it's great against bosses too!

Well that does it for this update! And I'm also very excited to announce 2 sprite artists that are campaigning to help make the cutscenes for the upcoming Adventure Mode of the game! Joeycrick and SuperMarioOfficial who are interested in joining the project! So that's all folks! And I hope you've enjoyed my endless rambling about this crazy project of mine lol! Peace!

Mugen044 by JTDaddy17
Squigly: Bump!~ ❤
Leviathan: I said GOOD DAY!
*looks at Leviathan's face... loses it*
Super Smash Bros. MUGEN Update 3!
Here it is! My third update announcement of my game! Though I was dead? No, but my laptop was, thankfully I have a new one now so the Smash Bros. M.U.G.E.N. train is rolling once again! This update feature more Pokemon and more Skullgirls! Yes, I did say more Skullgirls! This should be good! But who doesn't love Pokemon huh?

Squigly belongs to Lab Zero
Fighter made by Ryutaro

Filia belongs to Lab Zero
Fighter made by Dronekiller

Pikachu belongs to Nintendo and Gamefreak
Fighter made by Gladiacloud and Dylanius

Charizard belongs to Nintendo and Gamefreak
Fighter made by Gladiacloud and Dylanius

Greninja belongs to Nintendo and Gamefreak
Fighter made by CS x TMB

Well, it seems as if I kept you guys waiting long enough... well then, I'm back with more goodies of this huge project of mine! And I must say, a lot has been added lately in this game, there's so much changes that I won't be able to cover all of it! So I'll take the liberty of showcasing the more exciting content of the game! And if you want, I'll cover the other stuff afterwards...
First off, I bet you all have heard about Undertale right? "No shit Sherlock!" Ok, ok, just about everyone (in a sense) knows Undertale... well...

I guess my hand slipped...
Mugen001 by JTDaddy17
"Nyeheheh! I, The Great Papyrus, am now... uh... Sans? What am I doing here again?"
That's right folks! Papyrus blocks the way! Another indie character representing the instant smash hit game, Undertale!
So you might be asking, how does Papyrus play in a fighting game such as this? Glad you asked!

Mugen005 by JTDaddy17

Papyrus is an assist-heavy character, most of his attacks consists of his friends tag-teaming to take on his opponents together! Such as the Sans assist, Sans appears and summons a Ghaster-blaster above an opponent and will fire directly at the foe! (And like how Sans fights, the laser from the Ghaster-blaster does 1 damage per frame! Attention to detail matters!)

Mugen020 by JTDaddy17
When using the Undyne assist, Undyne will slam her foot on the ground causing a shockwave of arrows to appear! This attack does a fair bit of work on large bosses! (Occasionally you can hear her shout "Anime is real!" hee hee, she may be a big jock, but she's also a big nerd!)

Mugen006 by JTDaddy17
Speaking of nerds, who can forget this loveable dork here! Dr. Alphys! When Papyrus summons her, she'll throw a bone at the opponent and...
Mugen007 by JTDaddy17
Whoa! You still kept that thing Alphys!? But none the less, it still has the mind of a dog, and it wants that bone... and wants pets too! Although it kinda rams into ya...

"Mettaton! I need your..."
"Oh yes darling! I'll show you what it means to be the best assist!"
Mugen010 by JTDaddy17
Showoff... Mettaton will start breakdancing (and will play his various themes too...) Papyrus can also push him to make him move towards his opponents causing a small bit of damage to them and even pushes them off, great for giving aggressive foes a hard time!

Mugen021 by JTDaddy17
"Would you like to use my very tall sink?"
Like Mettaton, Papyrus' very tall sink can be pushed at an opponent to cause damage, it can even pin them against the wall!

Mugen022 by JTDaddy17
Like so...

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! You fools! In this world! It's Smash! Or BE Smashed!"
Mugen008 by JTDaddy17
Oh great, the sadistic goat-flower is here too... hope I didn't spoil that for ya... crap...
Seems that Flowey wants to be part of the carnage too huh? Anyways, Flowey will start laughing for a few seconds and then...

Mugen012 by JTDaddy17
Bam! Giant Omega-Flowey arm punches right at ya! (Oh geeze I hope I'm not spoiling this again!)

Now this assist of Papyrus is quite unique saying this one is two in one!Mugen013 by JTDaddy17
Pap Confused Chat Icon Hmm... choices, choices, choices
Either way both of them are quite beneficial! You can choose either the adorable (but greedy) Ms. Muffet, or the adorable (but weird, and not too bright) Temmie.

Mugen014 by JTDaddy17
"Shut up and take my money! Shut Up And Take My Money" Literally, he does say that folks!
If you choose Ms. Muffet, she'll send one of her baked monstrosities after your opponent!

Mugen017 by JTDaddy17
You were a lot more intense in the game. Oh well...
It will follow your opponent trying to munch them, making the floor a rather unsafe place for them for a short while.

Mugen018 by JTDaddy17
Shut Up And Take My Money Temmie Emoticon Icon Gif - Undertale excited Choosing Temmie will give Papyrus a bit of an upgrade!

Mugen019 by JTDaddy17
"Fear me!"
That's right, the Temmie Armor (I think that's what its called) Papyrus won't be able to summon his assists, but his basic attacks get significantly buffed, same goes to his defense, and will get a small bit of health recovery bit by bit via Temmie Flakes Cereal! But you can get rid of this armor too if you don't need it anymore, or when you deal a number of hits.

But Papyrus also has some abilities of his own!Mugen002 by JTDaddy17
"Behold! My fabled Blue Attack! NYEHEHEH!"Papyrus with Shades 
Like in the game, if you don't move, the attack won't hurt you, but if you move (including attacks), you will get hurt! (Note: this DOES work on bosses as well!) At the same time, Papyrus can't move as well but he will have invincibility frames throughout the whole attack!
Mugen003 by JTDaddy17
"You're blue now!"

Papyrus can also summon regular bones too and can also spin around so fast that he causes his own twister that hits multiple times! But drains your Smash Gauge...

Lastly we have-ve-ve-ve-ve-ve-ve***@###&^$!6^&!%%%$@&&^#!@!RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR....
Mugen024 by JTDaddy17
..................................Gaster Intensifies 

Mugen025 by JTDaddy17
Whoa... we had a huge technical error folks, but it seems that it has been fixed! Oh man, don't tell me that Gaster character was junking up our stuff! Yes, Papyrus' Final Smash is summoning W.D. Gaster he glitches up the game and then summons a ton of Gaster Blasters at the opponent!
Mugen026 by JTDaddy17
Then a rip through the space-time continuum appears randomly summoning Papyrus's assists including some extras! Some from Undertale, and some.... well.... some totally out of the boundaries of this world, you'll see what I mean, but a lot of things come out of that portal that can overwhelm the opponent a bit and can cause a good bit of chaos too! Papyrus won't be able to do any assists (except for Muffet and Temmie) and will only go away at the end of the match or when Papyrus gets KO'ed.

Next up we have... well another indie character! And a pretty recognizable one too! No, not Shovel Knight! (tbh Shovel Knight is overrated as hell, decent game, but others are more deserving and need more love...) A certain zombie who is a sweetheart and down right adorable (I'm a HUGE sucker for adorable things, 21 year old man too, ain't no shame! Haters gonna hate! Ok I'll stop...)

Mugen027 by JTDaddy17
Squigly presents her encore! (I really need to find somebody to make those Smash Bros. Splash Screens for new characters...) You heard right! Squigly is here representing Skullgirls! A rather popular indie fighting game from Lab 0! A deceased member of the Contiello family who was murdered by the notorious Medici Mafia by have a nasty bullet blast through her head as her mother watched with fear (and became the next Skullgirl while at it at the time) ... yeesh! Brutal! Poor girl... and she's such a sweetheart too! Coldhearted bastards... *ahem* enough of that dark backstory, let's talk about the character!

Your reaction: :bademoticon: 

*Please note about one thing and one thing only about this fighter, according to the maker of the fighter says she's only 20% complete, at first he said he was "done" due to how long it was taking to complete her, but now he double took on her and now he says Squigly will be completed! He even posted a video not so long ago announcing that by showing Squigly being 60% complete to show off his progress, I'll upload another announcement when Squigly is 100% complete and in my game!*

Saying she's only 20% done, she doesn't have a complete moveset from the original Skullgirls game, and another noticeable glitch that is constant with her is that the lifebars disappear when she enters the battlefield so you won't be able to see you or your opponent's health, or your Smash Meters as a matter of fact... otherwise she has very fluent hand-drawn animations that Skullgirls is known to have for their fighters!

But enough talk! Let's see how she's like so far!

Mugen028 by JTDaddy17
Not much moves (yet), but one of her down attacks let's her trusty parasite companion, Leviathan, breathe a purple flamethrower attack that can do a decent 3 hit attack!
Like in the original game, her down attacks are slow and can somewhat be predicable, but when hit, it does do more damage to her foes!

Mugen030 by JTDaddy17
While her normal attacks can be swifter and can do a secondary hit by pressing the same attack button again to let Leviathan attack after Squigly does!

I should also note: Yes, many other characters in the roster have received updates! And very nice updates might I add! Although there's a lot of them, I didn't have time to take screenshots of them Sweating a little... If you want me to, I can showcase the updated characters that are already in the roster, few which I can list already are; Link has updated sprites making him have his Hyrule Warriors appearance, Samus and Captain Falcon have better looking Sprites (However, Samus is no longer 3-D looking due to how heavy it made her to run on lower-end hardware, so this way made her more lightweight but still looks awesome!), Fox and Meta Knight has some extra attacks and a more smarter AI, however, I can demonstrate 2 characters that have a few updates!

Meta Knight's new Final Smash! The Halberd Cannon!
Mugen032 by JTDaddy17
First he jabs his opponent with his Galaxia Sword!

Mugen031 by JTDaddy17
"The bringer of doom has arrived!"

Mugen033 by JTDaddy17
BLAM!!! *Note the lazer blast is much bigger, I took the screenshot a tad late... Sweating a little... *

The other character I would like to mention is Shantae! She now has voice clips! Well not from Pirate's Curse unfortunately but from Risky's Revenge (Wayforward really made it difficult to rip sound files in the game from many sound rippers, darn, I really would like Christina Vee's voice clips for Shantae... oh well... maybe someday, hopefully Half Genie Hero will be easier for that to happen, especially when Christina Vee is going to voice Shantae again in that game as well! :D )

Mugen042 by JTDaddy17
Can't demonstrate that well... but seriously, Shantae and Papyrus in the same game *sniff* it's beautiful!

The last character I would like to introduce to the roster is Raiden! "From Mortal Combat?" Nope.avi Tf2 Nope! Metal Gear!
Mugen034 by JTDaddy17
"Let's dance!"
Raiden from the Metal Gear series! In this scenario, he's in his appearance from the spinoff Metal Gear Rising Revengance in which he's the main playable character instead of Snake.

Mugen037 by JTDaddy17
"I'll shred you to a pulp!"
His moves are more close-combat style but he isn't too hard to play as, and a lot of those attacks are pretty quick, saying he's one hell of a speedy fighter, if you haven't seen him from Metal Gear Rising Revengance! (The dude can take on Metal Gears and throw them around single handedly! Might as well put that on his resume huh?)

Mugen040 by JTDaddy17
He also has a counter attack too! When hit by a nasty attack, pressing the taunt button will trigger a counter attack!
He's been hit! But however..
Mugen041 by JTDaddy17
SWOOSH! Raiden's opponents will get a taste of their own Medicine!
"Surgical!" Indeed...

Well folks! That's all I have for now with this, like I said, I added plenty of updates on characters already in, as well as a few others that I didn't have time to show, including more bosses! If you want me to showcase those! Let me know! Also, you might notice the next build of this game is taking some time to be released for testers... and here's why, I would like the prologue chapter to be done before releasing the next build, but making cutscenes are taking a long time... that's why I would like to see if there's anyone who is good at animating sprites for cutscenes for the story mode! But don't expect payment (credit will be given though) because all the content I got for this game is free, and I'm planning to release the game and it's future DLC for free as well! So if you would like to do this just for kicks, or just want to help out in this, and are good of making animated sprite cutsenes, hit me up by sending me a note on Deviantart! I'll provide you a script, sprites, sound clips, voice clips, and music to make a fully fledge cutscene to flesh out the game's story in its Adventure Mode! And we'll keep in touch!

Like I said, that's all the news, who else would you like to see in the game? Or any suggestions? Or would you like to help out on the cutscenes? Let me know! Until next time, this is JT Daddy signing off for now! Peace!

In the meantime... have this...
Mugen043 by JTDaddy17
"Nyeheheheh! I, The Great Papyrus, am a true MLG noes-copter! ...Did I say it right Sans?"


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Jonathan Thomson
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I'm a gamer (mostly Nintendo) and a novice game designer (I'm not well known so don't ask for an autograph), I'm also a Brony (Twilight is best pony) and enjoys some indie games too like Shantae and Freedom Planet (My top 2 indie favs!) I'm a nice guy, pretty cool, can easily be friends! But get on my bad side you've unleashed my inner demon! But I'm rather very friendly! Not an artist, but I'll be showing screenshots of some fan games, and stuff about Windows (I am a Windows guy), I ain't much but the content here might be worth your while...


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